Our Services

A complete customer lifecycle
and order management platform


Multiple channels for attracting new customers

There will be no battle of the channels! To attract new customers, nothing is more effective than a marketing campaign using a variety of complimentary channels. Combining telephone, print, e-mail, SMS and the internet increases your opportunities to make contact.

The right commercial offer for the right person at the right time. France Informatique provides all the solutions you need to support you in your prospecting campaigns.

If you run an international business, our multilingual translation team (German, Japanese, English, Italian and Spanish) enables you to transpose your projects easily to the country of your choice.


Building customer loyalty

Your customer database is the foundation of your business. Once you have a promising customer file, you need a programme to optimise, manage and activate it on a daily basis. With that in mind, we have conceived action plans to automate the loyalty building process. We put in place follow-ups based on a customer’s purchase history, age, address or other criteria to propose offers to be activated via the channel of your choice.

As faithful guardians of your data, our IT team can work on them in an infinite number of ways to optimise their value.

Managing orders and payments, after sales service


You receive orders via the internet, by post or by phone? Whatever the case may be, we take care of inputting, processing and tracking your orders thanks to our advanced ERP. But that’s not all: We can also help you qualify a customer’s solvency thanks to their purchase history, manage payments by card or cheque and put in place deferred payments or instalments.

Order not in stock yet? Order cancelled, but payment already received? We take care of the after sales service and refunds on returned goods.

Managing stock and shipping


France Informatique takes care of the logistics, so that you can concentrate on running your business. In our warehouses near Nice we stock your merchandise and ship your orders. Wherever your products are shipped to, you benefit from the best prices thanks to our partnerships with transporters all over the world.

Our ERP allows you to keep an eye on stock levels and track your orders with real time notifications. Our software can be integrated into most e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and PrestaShop.

Our Tools

Mailshots and printing:

The internet doesn’t mean the end of printed paper! Paper establishes a quality commercial relationship with a prospective client. To the question “What type of advertising do you prefer?” 36.5% of French customers replied “letters” (study by SIMM-TGI). Better still, nine out of ten people read advertising addressed to them (study TNS Sofres, “The French and advertising mail”). What they like about it? Its non-invasive character. In a more and more dematerialised world, paper makes you stand out from other advertisers. The result: Industry players agree that the return rate for B to B as well as B to C is around 10%.

With a printing and envelope stuffing capacity of around 2 million pages per month and a dedicated DTP team, France Informatique processes bulk-editing work as well as personalised, targeted mailshots.

French and German Call Centre

Your team isn’t big enough to carry out an internal telephone canvassing campaign? You prefer your sales team to focus on building customer loyalty rather than prospecting? The solution: use a call centre. France Informatique takes care of your inbound as well as outbound calls to canvass, take orders or simply advise customers. We work with you from the development of the script to the regular monitoring of operations. You are continuously informed of the results thanks to our detailed statistics.
Our dedicated telephone counsellors speak German, English, Italian and French.

We offer landline and mobile numbers for over 80 countries.

Email and text messages:

For your email and SMS campaigns, France Informatique offers dedicated tools. These will help you optimise your marketing strategies and reach prospective and existing customers most effectively.
Today, there are almost 60 million mobile phone lines in France (source: Arcep). A godsend for marketing, especially as these media have a number of advantages: They’re interactive, immediate and effective, say industry players, who report a reading rate of 90% and a return rate of 10% for B to B as well as B to C.
Import your contact list into our SMS platform, create your campaign and spread the promotional word in just a few seconds.

Website creation and social media promotions

Increase your exposure, leads and sales. Whether you want to create a website to showcase your business or launch your online store, we’re here to help. Analysis, creation, monitoring – we have the tools and skills to get you started in the digital world. In collaboration with our partners, we also take care of the social media for you (Facebook and Instagram) to develop your image and your company by means of good practice and a strategy that corresponds to your objectives.